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An expert view on disruptive marketing

Marketing guru Lewis Ellis joins us for this latest episode. The former Apprentice star discusses disruptive marketing and how brands need to look ahead in order to get their marketing right today. Lewis shakes up tired brands across B2B and B2C, predominantly in the digital arena. Some great insights in flipping the marketing paradigm to benefit your business.

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Cybersecurity recruitment

Jashan Patel is a rising star in the world of cybersecurity recruitment. We caught up with him during the lockdown to discover how much changed for recruiters during this period. We also touched on how lockdown was affecting Jashan personally. It was really great to catch up, especially during these interesting times.

A guide to cybersecurity sales

Steve Fortune is a highly respected veteran of cybersecurity sales. We delved into the impact of the lockdown on sales, business and life generally during this unprecedented period. It was so good to get Steve's insights into sales, life and cybersecurity during lockdown. Make sure you listen to this fascinating episode from a true star.

How to become a security professional

All the way from Switzerland, Calvert Marshall looks back on a career in IT and Information Security. He talks about changing locations, security career moves, and his pursuit of higher learning in cybersecurity. Then we looked ahead to some potential cyber threats we could face in the years ahead. A great episode from a true security professional.

An introduction to business continuity

25 years in the business continuity industry, Christian Joeres of Daisy walks us through a career in resilience, brings us up to date on the industry, and talks a little about the future. Christian touches on preparing for disaster, the growth of Lancashire-based Daisy over the last two decades, and how 54% of businesses will operate differently post-Coronavirus (the "new normal").

A career in cybersecurity

24 years in IT security, Ben De La Salle from ICA Consultancy discusses remote working, the security industry, mental health, and several other topics. Ben touches on his long career and his rise through senior security roles to now running his own consultancy. A great interview with some great insights, well worth a listen.

Employment law and workers rights

From farmer's daughter in Devon to graduating with a Masters in Prague, Hannah Strawbridge has established herself as a top employment lawyer. A rising legal eagle, Hannah's now made the decision to set up her own firm which she discusses in depth. Some great insights into a life in law and some top tips for law students just starting out. A great episode.

Identity and access management (IAM)

IAM supremo Mark Gleeson walks us through a high flying career in Identity and Access Management and choosing the right toolset, including working with Cyberark and Sailpoint. He touches on the differences between IAM and PAM, working with security stakeholders, creating a cyber aware culture and looks ahead to the future of IAM.

How to build open banking services

In this episode we look at the technology and security behind open banking with our guest Nick Betts. Nick's career has taken him from IT engineer through to cybersecurity and digital technology consultant. We discuss the thinking behind open banking, what's in it for the consumer, security and what's next. A great insight into this exciting new world, with a great guest.

Penetration testing and ethical hacking

Great episode with Holly Grace Williams of Secarma. Holly worked in secure communications in the military, before mastering in Information Security and a career in penetration testing. As managing director of Secarma, Holly specialises in ethical hacking, pen testing, red teaming, as well as physical access and social attacks.

The Membership Economy - with Robbie Kellman Baxter

Having helped Netflix build their membership system, Robbie Kellman Baxter wrote the best selling books, The Membership Economy and The Forever Transaction. She's now the global expert on membership and subscription business models. We discuss the history of this model, Robbie's ground-breaking career and how this model is now being applied across multiple industries.

Principles of cybersecurity leadership

Information security leader Ben Morris joins us to discuss the challenges of the Covid lockdown as well as developing security teams and investing in great talent in these uncertain times. We touch on recruitment, leadership and the "imposter syndrome". Top tips include working with your networks, creating and sharing unique content and the importance of personal branding.

Justice, HR and Employment Law

We're joined again on this episode by employment lawyer Hannah Strawbridge. Her new firm Hanlaw is an evolution for Hannah, its aim to provide a unique HR and employment law service for businesses. Can justice really be served properly when Covid-19 is impacting so many court cases at present? A great episode with a great lawyer.

Providing cybersecurity contract resource in difficult times

We're joined for this episode by cybersecurity recruiter Anneli Sandholm. Her background in sales and blue collar recruitment gave her a good base from which to develop her prime role in the cyber resourcing market. Anneli discusses how collaboration has been key to her success, and how IR35 and Covid has been a double whammy for contractors. Great episode.

A security expert on leadership

We talk to cybersecurity expert, author and speaker Greg Van Der Gaast. We discuss his book Rethinking InfoSec, his past life in security and how he's moved into cybersecurity leadership. His approach with life is to gradually become an expert in the things that matter most to you. A great in-depth interview with a highly knowledgeable guest, including how cyber recruitment could be improved.