For many people, home has become the office during the lockdown period. What we have discovered is that remote working actually comes with benefits that possibly outweigh the risks and open it up to be a long-term future arrangement even once the pandemic has passed. Whether you’re looking at day to day working or running a recruitment campaign, there are plenty of tools available online that make this a possibility when both management and candidates are safely ensconced in their own homes.

Goodbye Commute

Doing away with a daily commute adds time to your schedule. Whether you use this time for family breakfast, exercise, walking dogs, or to get to your desk early, there is no escaping the fact that it is better than having to sit in traffic or on public transport as you make your way to the office. The lack of a daily commute is undoubtedly a benefit.

Hello Teams

Another thing that remote working has enabled is a more comfortable conversation. Microsoft Teams, among many other products out there, offers the ability for real-time video conferencing for as many of your colleagues as needed. Whether you have a one to one to meet a prospective new employee or whether you have a weekly briefing that includes all of your staff; these online tools give you the ability to see and speak to each other in real-time as if you were face to face. It has been observed that arranging ‘Team’ meetings is even more accessible than trying to catch someone in the office where their time is being pulled in several different directions.

New Best Practice

Initially, people were quite wary of online recruitment and the whole interview process. However, it has become clear that actually by changing our best practice, we can ensure a robust recruitment procedure and still find top talent when we need it. One suggestion is that more than one interview takes place, be that a preliminary round and a final round from candidates narrowed down, as this gives you more chance to get to know someone when you don’t have the benefit of face to face body language and verbal cues. It is common to see the top half of a person, and it can be harder to read how well they will be able to integrate into your team. But this small tweak to the process gives you every opportunity to find the best person for your role using only Internet-based recruitment.

Work-life Balance

It is essential that staff have a work-life balance. Recruitment has stopped being all about what a candidate can offer you and has flipped slightly into what the company is going to provide the candidate in return for their skills. We are not talking about basic pay; we are talking about things like a work-life balance and the ability to work in a flexible way which candidates demand—many people who have worked from home for the first-time during lockdown report mental health. So balance is essential.

Let’s work together

Here are a few things you can do next: